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Trading Forex is a dynamic activity, one that is constantly evolving with emerging market trends, breaking news and each trader’s individual perspective and viewpoint. At FX Academy, we not only recognize the changing nature of the market, we celebrate it by offering a range of Forex articles that touch upon today’s most relevant topics. All FX Academy members can select the entries that relate directly to them and in contrast to live Forex courses, our Forex commentaries are available 24/7 so they can be enjoyed by our students at all times.

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Forex Practice Account

Does Practice Make Perfect? How does one go about learning to invest? A more important question would be: is anyone even interested in learning about investing these days? Investing in the markets has always been somewhat of a gamble but of late it has taken on the aura of a Las Vegas roulette table. In many cases, no rhyme or reason is called into play. Just plunk the money down on the asset tha…

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